BUFF Pro Purchase Program

Our Pro Purchase Program is designed to create a community of core enthusiasts who already share a love for BUFF® products. Whether you are a professional full-time guide or social media influencer we welcome you to apply and become part of our team!

Our Pro Purchase categories include:

How to Apply

Copy and paste questions 1 through 10 into an email, answer all 10 to the best of your ability and then email it to prosupport@buffusa.com

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Shipping Address (address, city, state, zip)
  4. Please select from the following and describe: Guide / Instructor (type), Industry (brand) or Media (publication), BUFF® retailer (store name) Ski Patrol or Rescue (Organization), Photographer (company name) or Social Media (website, blog, and social accounts)
  5. Social Media accounts related to your profession
  6. Favorite BUFF Product
  7. How many BUFF products do you own?
  8. What’s your nearest BUFF dealer?
  9. Anything else we should know about you?
  10. Attach any supporting credentials (business card, company email address, or pay check stub with personal information blacked out)

Note: Membership in our program is not guaranteed. Available to US residents only. Applicants must submit proper documentation and meet our guidelines to become a BUFF® Pro. 

To apply for the BUFF Pro Purchase Program please copy and answer questions 1 through 10 above and email prosupport@buffusa.com Note: Applicants will be notified within 48 hours so you can gear up right away!

Terms & Conditions: Products ordered through the program are for personal use only. Buff, Inc. reserves the right to limit quantities ordered and pricing is subject to change without notice. All sales are final and based on current availability at www.buffusa.com.