ambient video with clips from the live more now video seriesambient video with clips from the live more now video series

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To embody the essence of LIVE MORE NOW is a beautiful and powerful thing.

We are proud to support and tell the stories of those that truly live their lives to the fullest. Finding a connection amongst us all that enriches our souls and motivates us to be more appreciative, and more connected to those things that bring us the most joy and satisfaction – whatever those things may be, and wherever they may take us.


Watch Dave Lass's Story

Nature found Dave Lass at a young age—hooked him really. A life of conservancy followed, and through experiences in the outdoors and the joys of fatherhood, he’s applied his passion for conservation of fish habitat and their waters, to make sure throwing a line is possible for all of us for a long time to come.


Watch Hadley Hammer's Story

For Hadley Hammer, Jackson Hole based professional freeskier, a singular devotion and stubbornness to skiing stronger and smarter, is that much more crucial after coming back to ski again following injuries that left her in a wheelchair for over a month.

Freedom to Grow  /   Maddie Brenneman's Story

Watch Maddie Brenneman's Story

Colorado fishing guide Maddie Brenneman needs nature to feed her soul. Following her heart into the life she’s designed, constantly assessing her motivations and desires, she’ll never look back and wonder “what if?”

The Chase  /   Paul Rich's Story

Watch Paul Richs Story

The ultimate outdoorsman and jack-of-all trades, Paul Rich and his brothers dreamed an idea and crafted it into a beautiful reality. Brothers Rich was born in South Carolina, collaborating to create one-of-a-kind items, and bring family together.

Passion for More  /   Gina Lucrezi's Story

Watch Gina Lucrezi's Story

After becoming a ten time All-American and National Champion in the 1500 meters, Gina Lucrezi transitioned her passion to trail and ultra running. In 2016 Gina established Trail Sisters to offer support and connect a community of women runners.