When you spend more time outdoors than in. When you’ve pared your life down to a few things that really matter most. When every day is an adventure. That’s when you know you’re living the BUFF Life.


BUFF® Staff / 10-14-2014

Wool BUFF® Receives Prestigious Backpacker Editors Choice Award

The Backpacker Editors Choice Award is regarded as the most sought-after media award for equipment and apparel in the outdoor industry. Each product considered for a Editors Choice Award undergoes a rigorous testing program to ensure...
BUFF® Staff / 3-7-2014

Tech Feature Friday: What is Polar Fleece, and How Does it Keep You Warm?

Polar Fleece (usually, simply referred to as "fleece") is a synthetic fabric, originally created to mimic the properties of Wool, while offering many other great features that make it ideal for technical outdoor clothing...
BUFF® Staff / 5-23-2012

It's Tick Season: Be Prepared with these Tick Prevention Tips

I've only had one tick bite in my life. I was seven and it scarred me, physically and emotionally. To this day, when I'm out for a walk with my dogs, I swear that there's an army of ticks surrounding us, strategizing their attack.

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