Why I Became a (fishing) Glove Convert by Miles Burghoff

BUFF® Staff / 5-14-2018

There’s nothing I take more seriously than my fishing. Whether I’m competing in tournaments, filming Sweetwater, or just simply fun fishing, I have always put a tremendous amount of energy and effort into perfecting my craft. 
My process has always had an emphasis on keeping exceptional care of my equipment, while my body tended to be a lesser priority. As I am getting older, I am realizing that my body, and overall health, is, and always will be, my greatest asset in my fishing endeavors- and my hands are certainly one of my most important tools. 
In the past, the thought of wearing gloves while fishing wasn’t very appealing. I had always associated wearing gloves to fishing on frigid winter days with bulky ski gloves, which are about as easy to fish with as a pair of numb hands anyways. 
My perception of hand protection all changed when I was introduced to BUFF® gloves, which had all the features I needed to protect my hands, without all the fluff (literally). So here are my top-three reasons why I am a glove fishing convert.
 filming Sweetwater Fishing TV, Miles Burghoff driving a boat
All photos by Jason Stemple


While filming Sweetwater Fishing TV, I am fortunate to be able to travel around and fish for many different species of sportfish.  Some of those species are more “rugged” than others.
In a recent shoot in Crystal River Florida, the co-host, Joey, and I were targeting Snook, Redfish and Jack Crevalle.  Each one of these species can wreak havoc on your hands, especially the Snook, which are known for their razor-sharp gill plates, not to mention some pretty formidable dorsal spines. 
I’ve handled Snook without gloves, and I can honestly say the outcome is always the same- ripped up palms, lacerations on the fingers, or worse!  With the BUFF® Elite Gloves that I wore for the first time on that shoot, I could land those fish with confidence.
Bass are also a species I would consider rugged as well, since they too have very sharp spines, but when I’m fishing tournaments that don’t allow the use of nets, my biggest fear while landing a fish is hooks.  Once again, a good pair of gloves help defend against hooks, or fishing line on fragile wet hands, while I’m frantically trying to scoop up a game-changing fish.

Miles Burghoff fishing wearing the buff elite glove


It seems that reels these days keep getting smaller and smaller in profile, which is great for weight reduction, but when it comes to someone with bear-claws for hands, it is increasingly difficult to keep a good grip.
With a pair of lightweight BUFF® gloves, the addition of an extra layer of fabric allows me to hold a smaller reel more comfortably, and the non-slip material present on most models also allows me to maintain a solid grip even when my hands are wet. 
Aside from helping to grip reels, I use gloves on a regular basis while I’m guiding in Alaska, which helps me maintain better control of gafs, harpoons and other essential, yet potentialy dangerous equipment. 
Miles Burghoff showing how the grip works for the buff elite glove


Fun in the sun is what they say, but we all know that spending time outdoors can have damaging effects on unprotected skin. It has made many anglers ask themselves, why didn't I just cover up all those years.
Fortunately, BUFF® has made it easy for me, starting with the UV Multifunctional Headwear being an essential component of my fishing outfits each day. 
Though I have done a much better job protecting my skin around my face, neck and the top of my head, until recently, I had still neglected my hands, which are also high-risk areas for sun damage even skin-cancer. 
In the end, I have experienced the difference a quality pair of gloves can have on my fishing success, as well as my health. 
I plan on enjoying this sport for a long time, and with the help of good protective clothing, I know that I am giving myself the best opportunity to compete at the highest level possible. 
Miles Burghoff fishing

Miles Burghoff (a.k.a Sonar) is a tournament angler, guide and co-host of Sweetwater TV.  Sonar lives in Hixson, Tennessee, but often travels across the country to target various species of gamefish in both fresh and saltwater.  In between filming and competing in fishing tournaments, he guides on Lake Chickamauga in Tennessee as well as in Southeast Alaska every summer.

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