Why Choose Merino Wool?

BUFF® Staff / 10-14-2021

Widely known as nature’s performance fiber, Merino Wool comes from Merino Sheep, an ancient breed evolved to tackle the scorching summers and frigid winters throughout the mountains of New Zealand.

Merino Sheep are able to survive such extreme conditions due to the dexterity of their coats. In summer, the sheep’s lightweight, breathable coat transports sweat away from the skin, an unlikely ally that works to keep the sheep cool. In wintertime, the Merino Sheep grows an additional layer of wool that bends its fibers to trap air, protecting the sheep from the cold as temperatures plummet.

Over the years, humans have created technology that attempts to replicate what Merino Sheep are able to do naturally— keep us warm and dry in harsh conditions, all year round. But why choose synthetic technology over what’s natural?

For athletes, wanderers, and those simply looking to stay warm in chilly conditions, here are 5 advantages given to us by Merino Wool:

  1. IT SHIFTS WITH THE SEASONS - Merino Wool serves double duty: when it’s cold, its fibers trap body heat from escaping. When it’s warm, fibers transport sweat away from the skin. The dual insulating and cooling properties of Merino Wool make for a naturally unbeatable technical accessory in any climate.

  2. IT'S A RENEWABLE FIBER - Work or play guilt-free with Merino Wool. As Merino Sheep produce up to five pounds of wool per year, Merino Wool is a resource that returns annually.

  3. IT’S SOFT & ITCH-FREE - Merino Wool clocks in at 16.5 microns, thinner than human hair! When spun, it produces a soft, next-to-skin feeling, contradicting the itchiness often associated with wool.

  4. IT TRAVELS WELL - Adventure worry-free in Merino Wool. The fabric naturally absorbs bacteria, keeping you clean, dry, and comfortable so that you can focus on the experience at hand.

  5. IT'S BIODEGRADABLE - Unlike synthetics, Merino Wool biodegrades at the end of its life. So help yourself, and the planet.

The benefits of Merino Wool are just a few for those on-the-go to consider, because wearing natural material in nature only makes sense. Just ask a sheep. 🐑


BUFF Merino Wool is available in several weights and styles that work with nature to ensure your comfort in the mountains, in the city, or wherever your next adventure takes you.

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