The Jeep Girls Adventure with BUFF®

BUFF® Staff / 6-16-2017

We’ve been to Moab a number of times, and we’ve always had trouble with the sun and dust. All of our problems were solved when we discovered BUFF® products! The first time we put one on, we instantly fell in love! The fact that you can wear the UV Multifunctional Headwear like a headband, like a scarf, like a hat, or over your mouth to protect your face from dust on the trail, there’s no reason not to love this product! (Not to mention that it’s UV protection material.) 

We love the BUFF® product so much, that we wanted everyone on the Ladies Run to love them too! Every participant was given a brightly colored funky BUFF® to wear during the Ladies Run. One participant even said that it caught her tears as she nervously drove up the steepest hill she has ever seen! 

One year ago a few couples got together and one of the ladies decided that she wanted to drive her boyfriend’s vehicle out on the trails. The guys then decided all of their ladies should drive, even though some were apprehensive. By the end of their day, all four of the women couldn’t wait to hit the trails again and The Jeep Girls was born!

One year later, as women do, one told another and another about their awesome experience with their significant other and accomplishing what they never thought they could. The girls did it again this year during Easter Jeep Safari, only with 10 more friends, and some of the  industry’s most legendary 4x4 drivers in the world as their coaches. “Once you conquer a trail, you realize you can do anything with the help and support from your spotters and guides. An experience like this just expands your horizons!” said Ashley, one of The Jeep Girls, who helped get the entertaining gathering together. 

Some of the women screamed for hours, others said they wouldn’t and couldn’t, but similar to the year before, by the end of the day, everyone had a smile on their face, there were lots of hi-fives, and each participant felt closer to their coach/spotter. “Next year each partner team should have a matching BUFF” said one of our participants. 

Aside from seeing old friends and making new, and viewing 4x4 from the driver’s seat, what was most impressive was seeing seasoned 4x4 drivers share their passion and knowledge with their virtually inexperienced counterparts. 

The Jeep Girls, sisters who are influential advocates for the Jeep adventure lifestyle hope to get a similar group of friends together next year to expand the roles of ladies in the Jeep community. To hear about their experience driving their friend’s Jeeps on Fins and Things from their perspective, be sure to check out more on 

About The Jeep Girls
Sisters Brittany and Ashley Hill took a major risk, quit their day jobs, and launched their own adventure as “The Jeep Girls”, as they travel in their own personal symbol of freedom, their Firecracker Red Jeep Wrangler. 
The Jeep Girls focus on people, places, and things that make America great! They have traveled over 150,000 miles in their Jeep Wrangler from coast to coast and over historic highways meeting legendary pioneers, exploring quintessential aspects of American culture, and celebrating iconic institutions. 
The sister team has become a go-to for tips on unique on-road, yet off the beaten path adventures for the whole family. They cover everything from unique places to stay, where to eat, scenic road trips, and what to do if you’ve only have a few days. 
To join the road with The Jeep Girls visit 


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