The International Climbers Festival 2014 Recap

BUFF® Staff / 7-22-2014

We recently partnered with the International Climbers Festival, providing custom printed Buff Headwear for organizers, attendees, and participants.

"The Custom Buff headwear was AWESOME! People really liked them, and we raised some good funds for the Honnold Foundation. They were given away with a $25 donation at several events. Plus, we have developed a new use for the Buff based on a swim day with Sasha Digiulian. They turned into impromptu swim suits for a natural rock water slide."

As we look forward to next years' festival, here's a video recap and a couple of pics from this year's event.

Alex Honnold Wearing Custom Buff Headwear Alex Honnold sports specially printed Custom Buff Headwear made just for the 2014 International Climbers' Festival.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5804" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Buff Multifunctional Headgear as a Tube Top Buff Multifunctional Headgear, used as an impromptu tube top by Sasha Digiulian & friends.[/caption]

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