Tech Feature Friday: Spotlight on Windstopper

BUFF® Staff / 12-5-2014

The summer sun has nearly passed and winter snows are not far behind. So we can put away the swim trunks, the barbecues and the sunglasses and bring out the coats and hot chocolate and beanies. More importantly, for the outdoorsy among us, it is a good time to finally break into the skis and snowboards. Indeed, winter sports hold a very different flavor to those of the summer variety and appropriately need a different set of gear. Whether, you're snowboarding, skiing, fishing, hunting or snowmobiling, you're going to have to face the elements of nature just as a beach-goer has to slap on the sunscreen in summertime. With the cold winds of winter, it's all about the clothing and there's no better protection than Windstopper fabric.

The Clothing

Windstopper is an innovative type of fabric that utilizes a featherweight inner membrane technology that gives complete windproofness while maintaining optimum breathability. Designed with that worthy combination, Windstopper is able to be used for a host of different activities in the outdoors, despite varying weather conditions. Other windproof designs lack that the synergy between windproofness and breathabiliy, adding outer coatings to protect from windchill while subsequently making the clothing much less breathable. As Windstopper is a completely breathable fabric, it is comfortable enough for casual wear just as well as sportswear. And when it comes to winter sports, that layer of protection is vital as windchill can be an extremely uncomfortable element when engaging in outdoor activities.

The Chill

Almost everyone has probably experience that discomfort when wearing clothing that's not windproof in the cold. The issue occurs when wind blows through those unproductive garments, penetrating your microclimate - that warm layer of air around your skin. Like harsh humidity can "raise" temperatures, strong windchills can make 50 degrees fahrenheit feel like a chilling 0 degrees. Windstopper fabric, as its name suggests, allows you to embrace the weather because it protects you from the wind.

The Choices

Windstopper fabrics come in four designs. The Insulated Shells are perfect for wet, cold and windy conditions are they provide lightweight warmth with water resistance, allowing sweat to easily escape the fabric with its special insulation. Technical Fleece is more effective as a mid-layer or outer-layer, offering more warmth than non-windproof fleeces despite carrying less weight. The Soft Shells are made to give complete range of movement to allow you to perform all types of sports and activities in inclement weather. The Active Shells are the lightest design, providing comfort and ease when performing aerobic activities. Whichever your choice, however, all four varieties come with the Windstopper promise of maximum breathability and windproofness.

The Buff Headwear Assortment

Our assortment of multifunctional headwear that incorporates Windstopper continues to grow each year. This year, we have four product options to keep you warm and comfortable, no matter how harsh the winter gets:

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