Sonar's Top 3 American Fishing Destinations

BUFF® Staff / 8-2-2017


As a professional fisherman, I am very fortunate to have my career take me to some of the most spectacular fishing destinations in the country.  


Whether fishing for behemoth saltwater species, or hunting for the most exciting freshwater predators, here are the three places that always produce and epitomize the best in fishing and the overall outdoor experience.  


Lake Okeechobee


The first on the list is Lake Okeechobee, and for good reason.  I fell in love with Okeechobee when I moved to Florida to go to college, and it continues to be my favorite bass fishing destination in the country.  



Okeechobee- also known as the “Big O”- is a massive 720 square mile natural lake in South Florida, which makes it the second largest natural lake entirely within the United States.  Despite its size, the Big O is a very shallow lake, more reminiscent to a very shallow bowl, and is lined with a variety of lush vegetation that makes the perfect habitat for big bass, waterfowl, alligators and many others.


Southeast Alaska


I consider myself lucky to have Southeast Alaska as a destination I call home for a couple months each year.  I have been working at the Baranof Wilderness Lodge on Baranof Island since 2005, and there is no place on earth quite like it.  


Southeast Alaska is a series of islands with towering mountains covered in dense temperate rainforest, and pristine glacier-melt creeks full of a variety of trout species cutting their way through rugged terrain to an ocean full of behemoth halibut, salmon and rockfish species.  Aside from the fishing, bear and whale watching will change your life.


People come up for the promise of catching the fish of a lifetime, but what they leave with is an outdoor experience that they will never forget.  


Venice Louisiana


If you are looking for the pinnacle of inshore saltwater fishing, look no further than the southernmost point of the Louisiana Delta- Venice.



Fed by the nutrient rich Mighty Mississippi, Venice is the perfect storm for breeding monstrous redfish, which is why we visit Paradise Plus Resort in Venice almost every season on Sweetwater.  Not only is Venice considered redfish capital of the world, it is also a diverse fishery that offers sportsman a chance at a variety of other inshore saltwater species, as well as top-notch bass fishing, and the overall experience of navigating the labyrinth of fertile sloughs, canals and bays cannot be beat.  


These three locations are not only world-class fishing destinations, but they each also hold a special place in the heart of this outdoorsman.  I highly suggest you add these three places to your “bucket list,” but I also hope you get to go out and find your own favorite places and adventures on this great planet!



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