Q&A with "The Wheel" Contestant Adam Kimble

BUFF® Staff / 1-20-2017

Adam Kimble, a BUFF® headwear ambassador and ultra-runner isn't one to shy away from a challenge. He goes after them. Having run across America in 2016 in just 60 days this was only a primer to what he has in store for the future. In between now and then he was a contestant on the Discovery Channel's new series "The Wheel" airing now. It's not often you get a chance to interview a contestant on a reality, survival show such as this so we asked him some questions recently about the experience. Here is what he had to say.

What inspired you to audition to be on The Wheel?​ 

I'm always looking for a new challenge, and I love adventure. The casting call for The Wheel seemed to cover both of those criteria in a big way, so I threw my hat in the ring. At the time of my casting submission, one of my best friends (Mark Smith) was battling stage four brain cancer. I felt that if I was blessed with this opportunity, I could use it to walk through the fire with Mark and inspire him through taking on a battle of my own.

What is one positive thing that surprised you about yourself and one negative thing that you weren’t expecting about yourself while on The Wheel? (Can be physical or mental)

I've always been a very positive person, and I think one of the biggest surprises to me was how well I handled the lowest of lows on the show. For example, I didn't knew how I would handle the most mentally draining situations, like not having any contact with family and friends and being deprived of food. It wasn't pretty, but I always tried to view the glass half full. As for the negative, I was blown away by how weak I became. I expected to lose weight, but my body strength deteriorated pretty quickly. When you go from running six days a week, weightlifting four times a week and doing yoga twice a week to all of the sudden doing none of that, the physical changes can be pretty drastic.

How did your experience compare to a 100 mile ultramarathon?

In some ways, The Wheel and a 100-miler are pretty similar. Primarily, the physical and mental ups and downs are really relatable and you have to rely a lot on mental strenth during the most challenging times. On the other hand, they are completely different. In a 100-miler, you can study the course, eat as much food as you like (as long as you can keep it down) and receive help from a crew or the volunteers at the race. On The Wheel, you never knew when the wheel would turn or what was coming next, food was often very hard to come by, and you're completely alone with nobody to help you!

You wore a few different BUFF® products on The Wheel. Did you use any in different ways than you had previously?

The only time I wasn't wearing a BUFF product was when I would take one off and put on another! Normally, I wore a BUFF on top of my head, but on cold nights, I would wear it over my face to warm me up. One time, I even wrapped a BUFF around my finger and used it as gauze because I cut my finger on the blade of a machete. It stopped the bleeding!

Do you live your life differently now and if so, what has changed?

Absolutely. I told myself that once I returned to the United States, I would never forget the following three things: how much I love being with my family and friends; how grateful I am to have food on the table every day; and how thankful I am for a roof over my head. The simple things are often the ones we most take for granted!

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