Ott DeFoe's Essential Gear for Winter Fishing

BUFF® Staff / 12-8-2014


Pro angler Ott DeFoe has advice on essential gear he uses to get outside & enjoy winter fishing:

"Wintertime fishing can be extremely productive, but you've gotta be dressed to where you can stay out there in the conditions. For me, what that means is Buff winter gear. This Buff material that I've got on here has got Windstopper in it, and it's got a little bit heavier grade Buff material up here to pull up over your face to keep that wind off your cheeks, off your nose. And then, the part that really finishes it all off is Buff gloves. These gloves, for me, they're really thin, and I can fish with them all day, even with a bait caster. It's not like it's just a spinning rod deal. I can feel that spool just fine through these Bugslinger gloves from Buff. For me, Buff gear on my face, Buff gloves on my hands, and I can fish in any kind of conditions wintertime has. For wintertime fishing, if you wear the right clothes, you can be out there in any conditions and you, too, can enjoy this kind of fishing."

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