Ott DeFoe's 9lb 9oz Bass [video]

BUFF® Staff / 4-6-2017

With time ticking down on Sunday, day three of the 2017 Bassmaster Classic Ott DeFoe lands the biggest fish of the tournament on a topwater popper and manages to catch it all on film for us to enjoy.

We sat down with Ott after the tournament to ask him about this historic catch which helped earn him a 2nd place finish.


We’ve heard this may be your largest topwater bass, is it true?

Yes 8-6 earlier this year was up to that point

How many times have you watched the video?

At least a dozen!

Most people think that big fish lurk under old wooden docks, why do you think this fish showed himself and hit a popper?

She was about to spawn and they will hit a Storm Cover Pop at that point.

This is your 6th Bassmaster Classic appearance. What did you learn most from this tournament?

It's not over til it's over - see Jordan Lee. 

What camera setup do you use?

We use a GoPro Hero 4 plugged into a USB charger that's connected to the 12v battery on board. It's mounted to the seat post on the stern of my boat.

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