My essential Gear for Fishing a Bass Tournament – Ott DeFoe

BUFF® Staff / 9-7-2016

As a professional angler fishing Bassmaster Elite Series, Bassmaster Opens, Major League Fishing, and fun fishing here in East Tennessee, I spend between 125 and 150 days on the water each year.  That’s obviously a lot of time on water and a whole lot of time under the sun.
To maintain healthy skin, regulate my body temperature, and stay comfortable out there I rely on some essential gear, especially several items from BUFF®.
Everyone knows BUFF® from the Original tubular BUFF® products.  However, my preference is the UVX Mask for a couple reasons.  The first is because it is gusseted so regardless of the shirt or jersey I have on the material covers my skin completely, minimizing sun exposure just below the neck.  I wear it up over my ears and neck and the gussets stay under the collar of any shirt all day.  The UVX also has a breathing holes on the front to assist with ventilation, keeping my glasses from fogging up on those still, muggy mornings.
Speaking of which, sunglasses are obviously self-explanatory.  Sunglasses reduce eye fatigue, which can make a long day of fishing difficult.  I wear Costa 580 lenses exclusively but any full coverage frame and quality lens will do wonders compared to nothing at all.
I remember putting sunscreen on my hands multiple times each day, yet still getting sun poisoning (bumpy, nasty-looking spots on my left hand, on top of my knuckle near the joint where the finger joined the back of my hand).  I started wearing BUFF® Water 2 Gloves and that problem immediately went away.  I won’t hardly fish without them on now and I really feel they’ve helped my fishing.  I know they’re saving me some health problems.
Of course you can’t go fishing without a hat.  I like a hat with mesh on the back so heat isn’t trapped in.  I’m glad to see that BUFF® is coming out in 2017 with hats and I’ve had a chance to test a few of them on the water.  Several versions have vented backs and a dark underbill so that’s just another way to keep me comfortable on the water.
I’ll leave you with this.  On tour we use to see several of our fellow bass anglers wearing "Buffs" around their neck. It use to be that people thought Buffs were just worn by guys fly fishing the flats in Florida or something.  Now the majority of the anglers on tour wear Buffs.  It’s become common practice, and that’s a good thing!


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