Joe Grant on Training for the Western States Endurance Run

BUFF® Staff / 5-20-2015

  We recently connected with Buff Ambassador, and Ultra Runner, Joe Grant to find out how he's training for the upcoming Western States Endurance Run. Here's what he had to say...

Q1: What's your training like? Do you train with set goals per day or week? My training is currently specific to Western States. Given that the race has a very runnable course with a downhill profile, I've been focusing on running up and down the canyons from my home in Gold Hill, Colorado mainly on dirt roads and smooth trails.

Q2: How much do you run during a training day/week? How often do you take "break" days? I run about 2 hours every day, alternating hard and easy efforts with longer runs once or twice a week in the 4-6 hour range. Recently, I've been incorporating some mountain biking into my routine for recovery.

Q3: Where is your favorite place to train? I love where I live. It's ideal for training for a race like Western States with lots of smooth, rolling trails and roads at 8-9000 feet. From my house it's a 10 mile descent to Boulder, which is also great practice for the race (and you get to run back up the hill on the return). I also love to scramble in the Boulder Flatirons or drive 15 minutes West from my house to the Indian Peaks to get into the high country.

Q4: What is your diet like during a training day/week? I eat mainly whole, unprocessed, organic food with lots of fruits and vegetables, accompanied by rice, whole grain bread, eggs, chicken or fish. I drink green tea or coffee in the morning and often have a beer or glass of red wine in the evening.

Q5: Do you have any recovery tricks or go-to recovery products? On the run, I use Tailwind, which is a sports drink made in Durango, Colorado. I try to not get myself too depleted while training so I can easily recover by eating real food and drinking water when I'm done.

Q6: What advice can you give to a novice runner? Be consistent and patient with your training and enjoy the process.

Q7: What is your all-time favorite BUFF to wear while running? The BUFF I wear the most year round is the Original Buff. In the summer, I often wear the UV Half-BUFF, headband or BUFF cap. In the winter, I switch to the Merino BUFF or the new hats.

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