Fly Fishing for Carp with @LooknFishy [video]

BUFF® Staff / 4-14-2017

"In 2016, I decided to start documenting my kayak fishing travels on video. It has been a fun experience sharing my fly fishing adventures. Whether it’s an inshore trip to Southeast Louisiana chasing redfish, a gravel bar kayak camping trip in the Ozarks in search of trout and smallmouth bass or a local backwater trip to find grass carp, gar and bass; if you’re into fly fishing there’s probably something on my channel to watch. 2017 looks to be even more exciting with trips planned to Canada and South Texas, so don’t forget to subscribe and see it all here." - @LooknFishy

What got you into carp fishing?

In the beginning, it was the challenge of trying to catch one.  Before I knew it, I had spent an entire summer chasing them but had little to show for my efforts.   Eventually, I started having some success and learned the sight fishing tactics that are successful on grass carp are also useful on other fish.   

What’s the normal rod, reel, line and fly setup?

In my opinion, a good set-up will have the backbone to fight a 20-40 pound fish but also present a size 16 fly accurately and delicately.  I use a 9-Foot Orvis Clearwater 6-Weight Fly Rod.  It’s paired with an Orvis Encounter reel spooled with WF6F (6-Weight Floating) line.  Flies range from small unweighted nymphs and leeches to dry flies.  I really like this set-up because it has the backbone to turn a big carp but also the performance to land small flies accurately but at an affordable price. 

What’s your favorite BUFF® product and why?

The UV Multifunctional Headwear is easily my favorite because it’s a tool that has many uses.  Obviously, the protection from the sun is great but there are some other benefits in fly fishing.  I wear it during hatches because I don’t dig when a bug decides to take up residence in my nose or ears.  I also love that it protects from biting insects like flies and gnats.  It’s also pretty nice that I can soak it in cold mountain water and use it to keep cool. 

Any tips for someone who’s thinking about getting into carp fishing?

Work on your presentation first.  Most people assume they need a specific fly.  It’s well known that grass carp spend most of their time chomping on vegetation.  But like most fish, they won’t pass up an easy meal.  The challenge is getting the fly in the zone before the carp senses your presence.  Being able to place a small fly in a frisbee from 40-50 feet without disturbing the water… that’s the secret!

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