Fishing Out of My Comfort Zone (literally)

Tony Barlow / 7-30-2014

Tony Barlow Fishing Out of His Comfort Zone

A friend of mine found an awesome report on a little lake near our home. It was a DNR report that basically said we had a big bass factory right in our backyard! The little lake is easily overlooked because it has a motor restriction. No gas or battery powered motors are allowed. That restriction means that the lake has limited pressure as well, at least from seasoned bass anglers who enjoy the comforts of a nice boat and a smooth trolling motor (count me as one of these people!)

Before the season began we targeted the lake and were looking forward to giving it a try. I have a nice canoe that would work well. We were waiting for a day with light winds and nice conditions and got our chance last week.

The lake was pretty calm but of course in a canoe it only takes a whisper of a breeze to make the canoe a little challenging. We went to work targeting shoreline structure with topwater frogs and isolated weed beds with soft plastics. One of our insights from the report was the number of large fish in the lake. This aligned perfectly with my goal at the beginning of the season to catch more big fish, thus I had on a 10" worm and a big frog. Big baits = big fish!

We worked our way around the lake targeting fishy looking structure as best we could. The canoe brings with it challenges like having to cast while seated, being often out of position and constantly drifting due to the breeze. Nonetheless we were able to get on some fish. We caught them in pretty classic bass fishing spots, like around slop and weedy points. In 2 hours fishing we caught about 8 nice largemouth. I caught 4 on my big baits and they were all right around 4 pounds.

At the end of the day, the canoe left us with sore backs and likely fewer fish than we would have gotten had we had our boat on the water. It was definitely worth it though to explore a new body of water, catch some nice fish and take on a new challenge. We will definitely be back!

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