BUFF® Ambassador Ott DeFoe Wins the 2019 Bassmaster Classic

BUFF® Staff / 3-18-2019

BUFF ambassador Ott DeFoe has cemented his position as hometown hero by winning the 2019 Bassmaster Classic in Knoxville, Tennessee just a short drive from his home.

As one of Ott’s trusted sponsors, everyone at BUFF is extremely proud and excited to share this moment with him. It’s a huge win for the East Tennessee angler who has been dreaming of this day since he was nine years old.

We’re excited that Ott has chosen BUFF to keep him protected out on the water and to help play a part in his success but above all else is to watch his longtime goal be achieved.

Otte De Foe Fishing  

For 125 to 150 days fishing out of each year, for the past five years, Ott has worn BUFF® gear to maintain healthy skin, regulate body temperature, and stay comfortable on the water. The three days of the Bassmaster Classic Tournament were no different.

Otte De Foe Wins Bass Master Classic  

“When I fish, BUFF means quality gear that allows me to do my job better,” said Ott. “The gear gives me sun protection, adds warmth when needed, [gloves] help grip on cold days, and keep me comfortable while I’m out in the elements trying to catch a bass.”

Otte De Foe interview


On the cold mornings of the Classic out on the Tennessee River, Ott sported the Polar Multifunctional Headwear and a Knitted Hat. As the sun came up, he opted for the Eclipse Gloves with advanced grip technology and the UVX Mask for all day sun protection. His entire BUFF collection included items with UPF 40 to 50+.

Buff Knitted Hat Buff Polar Black Buff Eclipse gloves Buff UVX Mask

“My eclipse gloves are one piece of gear that are certainly very essential and that I would separate from the rest. They’re for warmth, sun protection, and keeping good grip in cold conditions, especially when reaching my hand in the water to land a fish.”

Close up of Eclipse Gloves

Ott, whose rarely seen fishing without BUFF gear, routinely provides valuable feedback to the Buff, Inc. design team, especially gloves. His input and experience with our products helps us continue to innovate and create gear that keeps the fishing community safe and successful. Each product in our newest collection, is approved and recommend by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

Take a look back to Summer 2017 when Ott was testing the Aqua and Eclipse Gloves and shares his favorite trusted gear.


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