BibRave Pros Review UV Arm Sleeves

BUFF® Staff / 7-27-2017

As a follow up to their testing of UV Arm Sleeves for running, BibRave Pros recently took the them on the road & trail with them, and the reviews are in! Here's what they had to say...

Daddy Did You WinSage the Blog

"My arms never felt too warm"

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Fun Size Athlete Blog

"When they're damp from sweat they also have a cooling effect"

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Run Strong Run

" thing I learned was to put sunscreen on my hands"

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Living Loving Runner

"Another great feature is the reflective elements strategically placed on the bicep and wrist"

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Run Geek Run Disney

"These are the first arm sleeves I've had that have stayed in place no matter what."

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Trail Running Faith

"These are worth the investment"

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