A Guide to the Best Ways to Wear Your BUFF® Products During Your Next Adventure

BUFF® Staff / 3-13-2020

Does your garage look like an outdoor store, stacked with equipment for all sorts of sports? Does your itch to explore have you breaking fresh powder one day and gliding through rapids the next? If so, you need things you can wear in a wide range of conditions. That’s why BUFF® Multifunctional Headwear needs to be a staple in your gear collection.

BUFF® calls its seamless tubular fabric “multifunctional headwear” because it can be worn 12+ different ways and takes up almost no space. Keep one in your backpack or dry bag and it works overtime as a facemask, balaclava, hairband, and more to protect you from the elements. Available in colorful prints, subdued solids, and reflective designs, BUFF® multifunctional headwear also allows you to express your inner artist. With so many designs and so many ways to wear it, you can change up your style as often as you change your game. Follow this quick guide to learn about the best ways to wear your BUFF®.


On the water, at the summit, and deep in the backcountry, weather can take a bad turn without any warning. Scrunch your multifunctional headwear around your neck for protection in any conditions. No need to hang bandannas and camp towels off your pack. You can use your BUFF® headwear to wipe the sweat from your brow and then pull it back down around your neck. It dries quickly for all day use.


Tame the temperature extremes of a high-intensity cross-country skiing workout by pulling your BUFF® headwear up and over your ears while scrunching it low on your chin. Wearing the fabric high on the back of your head reduces heat loss while you warm up. Because the fabric sits low on your face, it allows cool air to circulate around your head, chest, and core.

When you’re gearing up for a backpacking trek, ditch wide-brimmed hats that catch on your pack and instead use your BUFF® headwear as a hood. You’ll block the wind on those ridgeline trails and mountain peaks. Plus, the CoolNet UV+® fabric will block intense UV rays at high elevations.

Full Face Mask

Brace yourself for brisk snow skiing and boarding with the full BUFF® headwear coverage of a face mask. For winter activities, you can choose heavier fabrics like merino wool or fleece. To stay warm, tuck the bottom of your BUFF® headwear into your ski jacket collar and pull the top edge of the fabric up to your cheekbones and over your ears. Add your ski helmet to help lock in body heat for toasty runs and wind-blocking warmth on the lifts.


Some say ice fishing is like meditation on a frozen lake. Keep your concentration on that trophy catch by transforming your BUFF® headwear into a balaclava in just a few moves (go the 0:50 second mark in this video for a demonstration). The fabric covers everything except your eyes, so it shields you from the cold and wind while leaving your field of vision wide open.


Snug BUFF® multifunctional headwear on your noggin before clipping on your helmet for that early-morning bike ride. To create a beanie, begin by turning the fabric inside out. Put the tube onto your head and raise it so that the bottom edge of the tube sits at your forehead. Next, twist the top part of the tube and pull the BUFF® headwear back down onto itself. Thanks to your newly formed beanie, the wind chill won’t feel so intense. Also, the wicking fabric will draw sweat away from your scalp and keep you dry under your helmet for the miles ahead.

Do Rag

Nothing beats a day at the beach, riding the waves or cruising along the coast on your SUP. Maximize your time on the water with a simple do rag. Pull your BUFF® headwear up to your hairline, leaving the ends loose to fall behind your head. This will hold your hair back, shield you from the sun, and add street cred to your beach look.


Another style for a day on the water looks like the do-rag but folds tighter around the back of your head. When you form a saharine (go to the 1:11 mark of this video for a demonstration), a flap of fabric covers the back over your neck. The flap shields your neck from the sun and allows you to paddle for hours without getting burned.

Half Face Mask

Don’t swallow a mouthful of dirt running the trails of the High Sierra wilderness and desert Southwest. Pull your BUFF® headwear up just under your nose to keep the dust out and ease your breathing. The quick-drying microfiber fabric releases moisture as you exhale, allowing you to run in comfort all the way back to the trailhead.


Kiteboarding turns you into a master multi-tasker, managing wind, waves, board, and kite in one graceful movement. Keep your head and vision clear by wearing your BUFF® headwear as a foulard. To form the foulard, begin with the headwear around your neck. Lift it to your hairline so that that the bottom of the tube sits just above your eyes. Then, continue to pull the tube over your head so that the hair on the back of your head drapes out of the tube. With a foulard, your hair stays clear of gear, and the fabric protects your scalp from the sun and wicks sweat from your forehead.


When you’re taking your yoga practice outdoors, wind and sweat can break your concentration. Stay focused on your Warrior I and Cat-Cow, rather than your hair, by forming a hairband with your BUFF® headwear. Before your first sun salutation, fold the fabric to create a wide band. Then, pull it over your head so that the bottom the band sits at your forehead. Pick a bright, artsy pattern or soothing landscape design to help you find your chi.


When you’re climbing, you need to keep sweat out of your eyes and your grip on the wall. If you wear your BUFF® headwear as a headband, you won’t have to wipe your brow and compromise your grip. To make the headband, put the headwear around your neck, scrunch the fabric into a narrow band, and then lift it to your forehead. Couldn’t be easier. You need sharp vision and dry hands to scout out your route, and your headband delivers both. Choose reflective fabric, so it’s easy for spotters to keep tabs on you as you climb.


After a full day of adventure, hang out in camp with BUFF® headwear to tame your locks. To form a pirate-inspired headcover, place the tube over your head, with the bottom of the tube sitting at your forehead. Then, take the loose fabric hanging from the back of your head and tie a knot. Finally, kick back and toast your marshmallows over the campfire. You’ll love that added layer of warmth as the sun sets, crickets chirp, and the temperatures dip into the chill zone.

With a few twists and folds of your BUFF® headwear, you can craft an effective piece of gear for any activity. The lightweight fabric will tame your hair, keep sweat out of your eyes, and protect you from the sun, wind, and cold temperatures. Whether you’re climbing, skiing, hiking, or paddling, your BUFF® headwear will keep you comfortable, so you can up your game and look good doing it.

Written by Ann Gibson for Matcha in partnership with Buff.

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