A Day on the Water with Captain Geoffrey Page

BUFF® Staff / 9-16-2016

It's the day before the largest angling trade show in the world, known as ICAST and we've arrived early for what other, than a day of fishing. It's been hot lately. At 9am, it's reaching 80 degrees and with the water even warmer it feels like taking a bath in a sauna. However, the reports remain optimistic and the fish are still biting.

We meet our guide, Captain Geoff Page near the fishing grounds and within 10 minutes we're looking for schooling baitfish. This is what bring the larger gamefish like snook, jack and redfish to the surface eager to eat. With warm water however, these baitfish don't last long and we need bait. Captain Geoff sees a disturbance on the water and with one toss of the net he's hauling in a few hundred for the livewell.

Off to wade the flats! Little did I know at the time there are sharks cruising them with me.

Before long we're getting into to fish. The excitement has everyone casting, re-baiting their hooks and having a great time. Some are fly fishing others fishing lures or bait.

At this point it was HOT, it was humid, and the tide was still. Not the makings for great fishing but Captain Geoff worked for them. His persistance paid off spotting fish, chumming up baitfish and soon he got it going again. This time we're in deeper water and we're all fishing from the 24' bay boat. Surprisingly four of us could all cast without snagging each other, a feat in itself. This time more snook, then a snapper and finally sea trout. It's amazing to see different depths and bottom structure hold different fish. 

After everyone landed a few more fish we ate lunch, sipped a few warm beers and headed back to the rest stop. Salty and tired we drive to Orlando, FL to get ready for the big four day show.

Business or fish tales, we'll let you decide...

Captain Geoff Page is a fishing guide and tournament angler who's been a fan of BUFF® products since day one. He even played a role in getting our U.S. distribution set up. He is a full time guide residing in Sarasota, FL and the guy you want to fish with when visiting the Tampa Bay Area. He's also on the crew of the Florida Insider Fishing Report. Whether it's light tackle inshore fishing or tarpon he's got the boat, gear and expertise to make for a memorable day on the water.

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