SPRING IT ON - Spring / Summer 2021 Product Collection Look Book

BUFF® Staff / 3-16-2021

It’s been a long, 12-month season where we all became really well acquainted with indoor recreation (house plants, sweatpants, lots of Netflix), but one of the silver linings in this tumultuous, upside-down, what-does-the-future-hold year has been a rediscovery of our human spirit—our ability to find inspiration in the smallest of places.

We may not have been casting our lines all year, or joy riding at our favorite resorts, and our time in National Parks may have been limited at times, but still we’ve thrived. In any other year, we’d look forward to the end of winter in favor of sunshine-filled days and this year is no different. Social outings are feeling all-too-welcome right now, but even better—they’re finally feeling like a real possibility.

Around this time we launch lots of UPF, sun-shielding caps, and lighter fabrics, but this year it’s different—our new line of gear is bright, thoughtfully designed, and most of all, feels like that breath of fresh air we’ve all been looking so forward to.

So to those longer days and shorter sleeves? We say, spring it on.

man casting fly fishing rod in BUFF product
man standing in river fishing at sunset

man hiking by river in BUFF hat
BUFF pack trucker cap being folded

man saltwater fly fishing
couple on flats skiff fishing

man working out BUFF headband in garage
man on workout mat in BUFF® headband

man in BUFF run cap

woman trail running in mountains in BUFF gear

couple arriving at surf spot point at waves

Man Sitting at Park
couple arriving at beach surfing
woman running

woman running on mountain

woman sitting in park

person running

man running

man hiking in BUFF neckwear


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SPRING IT ON - Spring / Summer 2021 Product Collection Look Book

To those longer days and shorter sleeves? We say, SPRING IT ON.

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