Spring 2020 Look Book

BUFF® Staff / 3-26-2020

The snow is starting to melt into the rivers and streams that we’ll soon be casting a line in. The sunshine and green grass are calling our names to get outdoors. Warm weather on the horizon has us making plans, taking advantage of those longer days, capped off with low-key porch hangs through summer. And, of course, what to wear for every one of those warmer days ahead?

This season is all about getting out there without getting stuffy, sweaty, bugged out and—no thanks—sunburnt. Swapping out our winter coats for waders and ball caps. Staying cool into summer with the right kit of UPF 50+, super cool-to-the-touch and cool-looking gear we spent all those cold winter nights sketching out and now bringing to life. For doing more, gearing up and getting out - We bring you the Summer 2020 Look Book. LIVE MORE NOW.

S20 Lookbook Fly Fishing High Mountain Lake Scene

city runners on street
city running overhead shot and woman stretching
city running on bridge

trail running high mountains

drone shot boat open water
female fly fishing open water

male and female hiking in headbands

women yoga pose in headbands
two females yoga pose

ocean fly fishing hooked up
giant trevally fish BUFF gloves

females climbing
females rock climbing on top of mountain

men crossfit in BUFF headbands
man working out in BUFF headband

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