Joe Grant's Record Setting "Tour de 14ers"

BUFF® Staff / 9-19-2016

I spent the last month linking all of the Colorado Fourteeners, self-powered and self-supported by bike and on foot. I started and finished at my home in Gold Hill, covering roughly 1,500 miles and summiting 57 peaks. I carried most of my gear on my bike (sleep system, clothes, food, tools and some electronics) and had small pack for cameras, and extra layers and food for running. While I brought a minimal amount of gear, Buffs were an essential part of my packing list as I carried 4 different ones for the trip. 

I wore a UV Half BUFF® pretty much the entire time. The Half is a very versatile piece. It keeps my hair contained, keeps me cool and sweat out of my eyes when it's hot while providing a little extra warmth and protection when it gets cold. If it wasn't wet, I also wore the it in my sleeping bag at night over my eyes to get quality, restful sleep. The Half BUFF® was as essential as my shorts, shirt and shoes. 

In a small dry bag, I always carried a full length Original BUFF® as a back up if the weather got really bad. The full length Original is warmer and provides more protection from the elements. When it was very windy, I would pull this over my jacket hood for insulation. I mostly used it in the San Juans (second week) as it rained the entire time down there and during the last week of the trip when the weather changed to snow. 

I carried a second Original BUFF®, initially intended to be used as a towel for bathing in creeks. However, the weather was often rainy and cold during the month so I kept it dry using it to protect and clean my camera lenses. 

Finally, my change of clothes for the night, included a pair of puff pants and jacket, spare socks and a Merino Wool BUFF® that were kept in a dry bag in the saddle bag on my bike. No matter how wet or cold it got, I knew I always had dry, warm clothes to change into. Having a dry, clean set of clothes for the night provides a lot of comfort and makes for a nice daily transition to rest. On really cold nights, such as on Mt. Antero and Mt. Princeton, where I slept above 12,000 feet, I wore the Merino as a balaclava to stay cozy and comfortable. 

While it may seem like a lot to bring 4 BUFF® products on a month trip, they all served a specific purpose and were all used nearly on a daily basis. I've used this strategy in the past on other trips and will continue to do so in the future. 

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