Q&A with Pro Angler Ott Defoe

BUFF® Staff / 11-6-2015

Time for a little Q&A with BUFF® Ambassador, Pro Angler Ott DeFoe!

Question 1 of 3 comes from our friend Tony Barlow, via Twitter:

Q: What is your favorite time of year and favorite presentation for bass? A: For me there are two times of the year that really stand out. The early spring season before the fish spawn then again in the fall when the fish really start to feed up for winter. My favorite technique has to be shallow cranking. It can be a blast!

Question 2 of 3 comes from our friend Patrick Gonzalez, via Facebook:

Q: What is your go to for catching bass through the middle of the day? A: My go to bait for middle of the day is a square billed crankbait. It is a great bait to get a reaction strike from bass. I think of them being less active then and that's why I want to trigger a reaction strike.

Question 3 of 3 comes from Tara, here at Buff, Inc.:

Q: What makes a great inlet to fish? What are the characteristics of the geography you check for? A: If there is any water flowing in an inlet that is going to make it better than those around it that don't have any inflow. Also it having a good supply of cover. There is such a thing as too much as well as too little.


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