Polygiene®: Solution for Stinky, Smelly Training Clothing

BUFF® Staff / 11-5-2015

There is a common denominator in all physical activity: You will sweat, and you will eventually stink. There's a way to avoid this with Polygiene®, our favorite solution for stinky, smelly training clothing.

This is how it works:

Sweat itself does not smell, but it does make odor causing bacteria and fungi grow in your garments, footwear and gear. Thanks to the silver salt from recycled silver in Polygiene®, bacteria and fungi stop growing and the odor is eliminated at the source...permanently. Today, consumers stand for two thirds of the environmental footprint during a garment's life, mostly due to washing and drying. Training clothes are often washed after every use, even when they may not need washing...but with Polygiene® treated garments, you can wear more, and wash less saving you water, energy, time and money. Plus, you get free time and longer-lasting gear.

Let's recap...

With Polygiene®, you get a permanent odor-free effect. Polygiene® is bluesign® and OEKO-TEX® approved and treated garments can be recycled. And with Polygiene®, you also get Climate Smart garments that you can wear more and wash less. Odor free, bluesign®, Climate Smart.

BUFF® Products with Polygiene®

We trust Polygiene®, the best performing and most eco-friendly odor control technology available, and are proud to use it in the following BUFF® products:
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