An Insider's Look at How BUFF® Masks and Balaclavas are Made

BUFF® Staff / 10-30-2015

This video gives you a unique insider's look at how BUFF® Masks and Balaclavas are made! The process begins with a precision laser pattern cut, including ear and mouth perforations for optimal breathability, fit and hearing. The fabric is then joined using an advanced ultrasonic bonding process, which prevents skin irritation by eliminating seams. The edges of the mask are then also finished using this same bonding process. The final product? A contoured design with minimal seams that fits over the shoulders, back of the neck, and upper chest for ultimate protection from sun and wind. Designed for anglers and outdoor adventurers, they're comfortable with caps, sunglasses, or all on their own! Where can you envision yourself using Mask or Balaclava BUFF®?

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