About Rebecca Rusch's SRAM GoldRusch Tour #JoinTheRusch

BUFF® Staff / 8-19-2014

From its inception (at the Sea Otter Classic) Rebecca Rusch has lead the SRAM GoldRusch Tour to encourage more women to participate in the sport of Mountain Biking. Learn more, from Rebecca and other participants, about the inspiration and empowering message that Reba brings with her, to promote more women and mountain biking across the United States.

Join this growing movement, and share your experience, using the hashtag #JoinTheRusch, and visit www.rebeccarusch.com to find out when the tour is coming to a town near you!

Buff, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the Gold Rusch Tour! Find Buff Headwear, one of Rebecca's favorite pieces of mountain biking gear, at BuffUSA.com
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