BUFF x Banff Film Festival

BUFF® is proud to support the Banff Film and Book Festival, and the many filmmakers and storytellers who make it special. As part of our on-going partnership, BUFF® creates limited-edition product designs to commemorate the annual event and showcase the natural beauty of Banff.

About the Artist

Bryn Merrell impressed all with her colorful, detailed portfolio during our global Artist Search Campaign last summer. In honor of the Banff Film Festival, she created this exclusive piece of art.

Meet Bryn

About the Festival & US Festival Tour

The Banff Film and Book Festival is North America’s largest mountain festival. Consisting of nine epic days filled with films of remote adventures, ground-breaking expeditions, and enriching storytelling.

Banff Festival

About the Collection

Following a path towards the mountains and experience how the landscape changes with the sun rising. A moment in time captured by Bryn Merrell for this exclusive BUFF Original EcoStretch design.

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